Our Mission Statement 

Maon Noam Jewish Cultural and Educational Network, was founded in the beginning of the 90’s by Rabbi Hirsch and   Rochel Rabiski with the guidance and blessings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. After they concluded their sacred work from 1980 – 1990 in Ladispoli, Italy, they continued their mission here in Toronto, Canada to provide Russian Jewish immigrants  and all Jews with their physical and spiritual needs. For thousands, this organization was their first introduction to  organized Jewish life, prayer and holidays.    

Maon Noam offers a warm and welcoming home for the community. Everybody regardless of his or her beliefs and social status is welcome to participate in our fabulous events and projects. Respect and tolerance to every Jew are both our philosophy and way of being. Membership, as well as all our programs and services (provided in Russian or English), is FREE of charge!  

Our mandate is to enhance the quality of Jewish life, regardless of their affiliation or background allowing each and every Jew, young and old, to connect to his or her Jewish heritage on their very own level.

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Looking forward in meeting you.

Rabbi Hirsch Rabiski & Rabbi Yisroel Fridman