Ongoing Weekly Torah Classes and Lectures

Torah Study

The Rebbe consistently campaigns for every Jew to increase learning Torah. “Torah study every day is crucial to life itself. This applies not only to the soul of the one studying but also to the souls of his family. For then, through Torah study, the atmosphere of the home becomes an atmosphere of Torah and piety.” (-Rebbe)

Chassidut - The mystical dimension of Torah unlocked by the Chassidic masters. Learn Chassidic discourses in their original text.
Talmud - Learn the arguments of our sages as you become acquainted with the unique form and style of Talmudic logic and debate
Halacha - Torah law as codified by Rabbinic authorities through the ages. Study Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, the rules for practical Jewish living.

When?  Where? What about?
 Sunday:  8:00am   910 Rutherford  Jewish Law
   10:30am  15 Torresdale  Tehillim Club
   11:00am  15 Torresdale  Viewing the World through
 the Eyes of Torah
   8:00pm  60 Russfax  Rambam - Maimonidies
   9:30pm  60 Russfax  Torah Studies
 7:00pm  15 Torresdale  The Holy Language

910 Rutherford Rd.
Talmud - Tractate Berachot
  9:00pm  254 Torresdale  Chassidut

Tuesday:  10:00am  60 Russfax  Tehillim Club
   7:00pm  15 Torresdale  Tanya
   9:00pm  15 Torresdale  A Deeper look at the Parsha
Wednesday:  6:30pm  Call for Location  The Meaning of Prayer
   8:30pm  17 Shenstone  Talmud
   8:30pm  254 Torresdale  The Rebbe's Teachings
   9:00pm  Call for Location  The Rebbe's Teachings
Thursday:   10:00pm  44 Edinburgh   The Rebbe's Teachings
Shabbat:  9:30am  910 Rutherford  Tanya

910 Rutherford
Ethics of our Fathers
   After Shabbat  64-299 Mullen  Torah thoughts
   9:00pm  Call for Location  Moshiach & Redemption
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For the Monthly
Women's Study Group Check the Jewish Women's Circle.

Private Torah Classes are available on the topic of your choice in Hebrew, English, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese - Please contact: Rabbi Hirsch Rabiski 647-236-7700
or Rabbi Yisroel Fridman 416-996-0411

To learn about Mikvah and Marriage Preparation, Please Contact:
Sarele Rabiski 416-736-4580