"Kids in the Kitchen" is an innovative 8 week program to help introduce Jewish children to important "ingredients" of Jewish history, tradition, and ideals - in the course of a fun-packed and hands-on introduction to the prospects offered by the Culinary Arts.
The Kitchen is also an integral aspect of Jewish life and experience. Much about Jewish Holidays, Shabbat, and more, are associated with distinct and specific foods and their means of preparation. Even the Jewish people and the land of Israel are identified by certain special foods.

"Mini Chefs" Boys & Girls Ages 7-9 Welcomed!

This "Hot & Sizziling" 8 consecutive Sunday Sessions begins October 14th
at Maon Noam Khakhan Centre - 910 Rutherford Rd. 

For more Information contact the "Executive Chef" - Gittele Fridman

No Cost! Donations & Sponsorships Welcomed!

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