Jewish Women's Circle

The Women's Circle is an ongoing program designed for the contemporary Jewish woman. The Jewish Women's Circle comprises women of diverse affiliations and backgrounds who join together to have a good time, participate in workshops and explore Jewish themes.

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Women's Study Group
View yourself and the world in a deeper dimension.
Treat yourself to an in-depth fascinating Torah class and a delectable meal featuring international gourmet cuisine.

Challah Baking
Challah symbolizes the food eaten in the home and it teaches us that all the physical things that we do and possess should be infused with holiness.
Women are entrusted with the mitzvah of baking Challah, for they have the special talent and mission in permeating their homes with spirituality.

Women's Night Out
A delightful evening replete with inspiring words, enjoyable activities, and great company...
Every woman deserves a night out!